Highlands Community Association Independence Day Celebrations 2019's theme is:

                           California Dreamin' 

Share your grooviest California Dream and join the Parade! Join your neighbors & friends by decorating a float or a bike and march in the parade! 

The annual Highlands Community Association 4th of July celebration that the Highlands is famous for, is fast approaching. And to make it happen we need help to come from all around the Highlands.

Click on the links below to volunteer. The registration form for the 4th of July Footrace is also found in a link below and mailed in. 

3rd of July Bake Sale & Fireworks Help

4th of July Foot Race Volunteers

4th of July Foot Race Sign-up Form

4th of July Parade

4th of July Food Booth

4th of July Midway Games 

We need baked goods for the 3rd of July fireworks and we need volunteers to help sell them. The fireworks alone cost nearly $15,000 to put on and to help pay for it we sell baked goods and other items (coffee, hot cocoa, glow sticks) on site at the school.  We also collect donations, help by cleaning up in the evening afterwards as well as the morning afterwards.  If you can help fill a volunteer shift related to any of these fireworks tasks, it would be a big help.

On the 4th of July, the Food Booth, parade and midway also need volunteers.  Help serve drinks or burgers for an hour. Or come down early and help setup tables and chairs.  Run a midway games booth. Older kids can run a game booth by themselves.

The Highlands 4th of July is a special event in our neighborhood and helps define what makes the Highlands a unique place to live. The events began as a way to keep our Highlands neighbors safely at home and off the roads during the holiday. Please find a way to make helping out the community a part of your family's 4th of July tradition.  Go to the links above and pick a job and a time that works for you. You'll love how great it feels to volunteer in your community!

Thanks, and see you on the 3rd & 4th!


PLEASE NOTE: These events are for residents of the Highlands, paid for by dues and donations to the Highlands Community Association and our wonderful local business sponsors. As a resident, you may bring a guest, but kindly do not place an open invitation on social media. We are at capacity for our events and want to maintain space for Highlands residents to attend. All residents will be mailed a Highlands Lowdown Newsletter in June with a list of events and times. We purposely do not list those on the website.  Former residents are always welcomed guests!

For the safety of all, drones are not allowed to be flown at any HCA event. 



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